Wishing Trees

Wishing Trees

In the ancient Anatolian land, trees have always been revered as sacred beings, imbued with divine energy and wisdom. The act of tying ribbons to their branches is a tradition passed down through generations - a mystical form of communication with the spirits.

This act of tying a ribbon to a tree is a profound and intimate connection with nature. As you offer your prayers to the tree, you feel a deep sense of reverence for the wisdom and energy it represents. The tree becomes a portal to the divine, a gateway to the mysteries of the universe.

The ribbons themselves are a symphony of colors, each hue representing a different aspect of the human experience. The red ribbon symbolizes passion and love, while green represents health and vitality. Blue is a symbol of protection and good luck, like the evil eye, and yellow represents the sun and the warmth of life itself. As the ribbons flutter in the breeze, they become a conduit for our deepest hopes, dreams, desires, and intentions. Each ribbon is a representation of our heart's desires, imbued with symbolic power that transcends language and culture.

Through the act of tying ribbons to tree branches, we engage in a timeless ritual that speaks to the essence of our humanity. We honor the trees, the earth, and the cosmos, knowing that we are all part of a vast and infinite whole.

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